40. Construction - Passivhaus - Introduction

What is Passivhaus?

Passivhaus is a set of scientifically based construction measures for ultra-high building performance. Dr. Bo Adamson & Dr. Wolfgang Feist refined previous findings for building efficiency and created their own performance metrics in 1996. They are recognised as the founders of the Passivhaus concept. The 5 key criteria of a Passivhaus are:

  1. Thermal insulation
  2. Airtight Envelopes
  3. Energy Recovery Ventilation
  4. High Performance Windows
  5. Thermal-bridge free

The purpose for implementing these principles is to create a building that can achieve thermal comfort using only the heating and cooling of the fresh air required to maintain healthy indoor air quality.

Definition: Thermal Comfort (Passivhaus)

A humidity-controlled space ranging between 20-25oC with no more than 10% of the year exceeding 25oC.

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