3rd December 2021

When to Consider a Contemporary Residential Designer in the Northern Beaches

A design professional or design firm can assist clients in several situations – not just for a brand-new build. If you are looking to invest in your home in a significant way, a Contemporary Residential Designer can ensure you make the most of your new home plans. Not only will they guide you through the processes with ease, they will ensure your designs hit the mark, on brief and on budget.

Renovating and Remodelling

In this instance a large renovation deserves adequate planning with professional input. Before you commence a renovation or remodel solo, it’s important to assess what a home remodel means to you and how it can positively impact your lifestyle. Consider working on a brief with a professional designer and placing your trust in a proven process. A residential designer can develop concepts for your remodel that will lead to a home you truly love – one that excites with maximum impact.

Extending with a Remodel

Extending your home is an exciting project and is one that can drastically change a home. An extension often works best when a remodel is factored in at planning stage. This ensures that the extension will work with the existing home and any changes that can occur within the current structure can occur simultaneously. Rather than adding an extension and then reworking the home to suit, it is often more time and budget efficient to seek professional guidance to redesign the home as one. 

Building a New Home

In this instance, a residential designer is a must. This is where a designer can provide you with plans that maximise your positioning, your land, and the way you will live in your home as they create a home from the ground up. The design briefing stage is paramount and can be expertly guided by a design professional for those unsure of what they really need from their new home.

Adding Additional Accommodation

For those on a large block, looking to add an additional dwelling such as a granny flat, pool house or even a tiny home, this is an opportunity to create a small space with maximum impact. Just like a home extension, this is an investment in your home, and the greatest results are often achieved with a design professional who understands your area and your design niche.

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