5th November 2021

Design Must-Haves with New Home Designers in Newcastle

Designing a new home? Remodelling the one you have with a home extension in Newcastle? The first place to start is to engage with a New Home Designer to explore your options and the home’s potential design opportunities.


For professional advice, planning and designs a residential or building designer is worth their weight in gold as they provide professional, timely and expertly executed design solutions with seamless processes. Designers will guide you on how to make the most from your space or existing home and will steer you away from any design pitfalls.

Some of the must-haves to consider when planning your new home (as recommended by leading Building Designers in Newcastle) are as follows:

1.     Ratios for Comfortable Family Living

This applies to various elements of the home although there is a general rule when it comes to bathrooms within a home. To satisfy occupants and buyers should you decide to sell, there are specific ratios that seem to make homes work. The ratio of bathrooms to bedrooms, for example, is often recommended to have 2 bathrooms for every 3 bedrooms. This can include an ensuite and a main bathroom for 2 bedrooms to share. This is a general rule of thumb to enhance functionality of the home and cater to all within the home.

2.     Kitchen Functionality which Caters to All

There are several design components which affect the functionality and aesthetic appeal within a home. Surface area is a key factor for feeling that the kitchen is of an adequate size for the home it sits in. Multi-functional islands have become very popular as they cater to cooking, entertaining as well as a space for the family to share between homework, work and meals. Add in statement light fixtures in the way of pendants and bar lights along with well-lit cabinetry and you have yourself a well thought out kitchen which caters to your needs at several points throughout the day.

3.     Flow of the Home

The flow of the home impacts the way you enjoy each space as you move from room to room. A design fault which effects the flow of the home can lead to dissatisfaction with the home’s overall design. To avoid this pitfall the floorplan of the home must be carefully considered before building work commences.

The flow of the home falls into two key components. This refers to the positions of the rooms and how they relate and connect with each other. This also refers to the space within each living zone from doorways, windows, and fixtures such as island benches, inbuilt seating, and furniture. The overarching goal is to achieve a home that feels natural to walk through with a calm and comfortable feeling that makes sense to your lifestyle. 

From brand new homes to remedying older homes and their subsequent layouts, a new home designer can assist in bringing your designs up to par with the most stunning homes in Newcastle.

Here at The Rubix Collective, we work with our clients to create professionally designed homes that capture the essential components of smart and seamless home design. If you would like to engage our team of award winning, accredited Designers, for premium residential design in the Newcastle area, please contact us here:

We look forward to working with you to develop your ideas into professional 3D home designs that achieve your goals and more.