2nd May 2022

3 Critical Phases of Home Design with New Designers in the Northern Beaches

Building a brand-new home is an opportunity to create something truly unique. With such potential comes great pressure to maximise every opportunity. With the help of contemporary residential designers in the northern beaches, you will have the professional support and expertise behind you to ensure your design suits your lifestyle with premium design and innovation. If contemporary design is what you are after, it’s important to qualify your designer to ensure they can achieve your level of design. We recommend previewing their previous work and taking your time in qualifying the right designer for your project.

Once you have qualified your new home designer in the northern beaches, they will set out a schedule of steps which will take you from initial discussions all the way through to finalised designs. Typically, most design professionals will work through a similar set of tried and tested phases. These commonly include:

Phase 1: Briefing

This is considered the most critical stage of the design process. If the briefing stage is not respected, the initial design concepts can disappoint the client. A detailed brief allows the client to feel understood with what the home design must achieve. Spending time on the design brief safeguards the project timeline by detailing what the client does and does not like in home design. To ensure the following steps run smoothly, an approved design brief keeps all team members aligned with the client’s vision for the home.

Phase 2: Design Delivery   

Creating customised design concepts based on the approved brief and a thorough site visit, the designs will likely be presented in a high-level sketch format. These are working concepts which means they are not final. You and your designer will have the opportunity to make changes to the floorplan and layout to achieve a design that achieves all goals set out in the brief. Depending on the number of changes required, most designers will accommodate 2-3 rounds of design revisions before moving to the 3D modelling stage where designs come to life.

Phase 3: 3D Modelling 

If your designer has the capability to bring your designs to life in 3D modelling this is a very exciting part of your project. This process is carried out once approval of your initial design concepts has been achieved and all changes finalised. The 3D modelling allows you to visualise the home in more detail. These will also form part of any official documentation and application processes.

Designers of new homes in the northern beaches serve as middlemen between draftsmen and architects. They may have more training and licensing than a draftsperson, but they do not carry the same price tag as architects, making them an excellent choice for residential design.

Research and pre-design processes are respected by The Rubix Collective as we understand the needs and wants of our clients. The designs we create naturally and organically evolve to meet those needs. Our clients are able to see themselves living in their completed home by using 3D modelling. Having reached this exciting stage, our clients can move forward with the utmost confidence and enthusiasm for the project's outcome. Rest assured, our professional and thoughtful designs are similar to those provided by an Architect on the Northern Beaches.

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