6th May 2022

Layout Revisions with New Home Designers in Newcastle

There are several ways you can redesign and upgrade your home. Whether you take the approach of a home extension or a brand-new build, new home designers in Newcastle can provide you with the services you require to take you from initial concepts to construction. With experience and expertise in this area, a home designer can tailor their skillset to provide services in line with your design goals.

The key to deciding the scope of your project is to determine which solution will work best with your budget, lifestyle, timing and of course to maximise your investment in your home. Renovations and rebuilds are costly exercises and are best carried out under the supervision of design and real estate professionals to ensure the best decisions are made for you and your family.

Here are some of your options when engaging the expertise of a building designer in Newcastle.

Home Extensions

If you are happy with your home but space is an issue, a home extension can be carried out without a complete home overhaul. As families grow, the addition of bedrooms, bathrooms and a second loungeroom are high on the agenda. To cater to this, a home extension can be achieved by expanding your ground floor floorplan. If budget allows, the next option is to go up a level with a home addition. This will allow you to redesign your ground floor floorplan and open the home as you utilise the upper floor for bedrooms.

Remodel Inside and Out

A home remodel is a popular choice for this in ageing homes. Perhaps your home is mid-century modern and requires an upgrade while maintaining its character. It is important for home remodels like this to be carefully thought out. Before taking on this project solo, it is recommended to bring in the expertise of a building designer. To ensure you make the right decisions for your remodel inside and out, a design expert can guide you on making cost efficient and customised design solutions to maximise your investment.

Build a Brand New Home

Naturally, building a brand-new home requires the expertise of a design professional. Without the price tag of an Architect, a residential designer can develop custom home concepts for you based on a detailed brief. The plans they develop can be used for council submissions and will guide your chosen builder and team of trades throughout the construction process. 

Whether you're designing a new home in Newcastle or adding on to an existing one, the Rubix Collective will help you achieve stunning results. Our team includes experts in many fields, such as residential design, interior design, sustainable design, and more. We create deeply considered, well-researched custom home designs that are expertly executed. Learn more about our expertise by contacting The Rubix Collective team here. Let us bring your ideas to life!