13th May 2022

Endless Possibilities with New Home Designers in Newcastle

Have you recently purchased a home in Newcastle and are considering ways to make it suit your family and lifestyle? Before you jump in and start making changes, it’s important to ask yourself if making small changes to the home as you go will end up costing you more than if you go straight for a redesign and remodel in one go. Often homeowners renovate and then end up renovating again, meaning the initial investment was wasted. Rather than going it alone only to remodel in the future, it is worth engaging a building designer in Newcastle in the early stages of any project. 

Working with a Building Designer

A building designer, much like a new home designer in Newcastle, can assess your home and advise on your options for moving forward with a home remodel. This advice may include designing a brand-new home, adding to the home with a remodel, or even exploring the ideas of a granny flat. If you have design ideas brewing, a professional residential designer can help you make these a reality and more. Following a thorough briefing phase, the designer will have a grasp on what will make the greatest impact to your home – maximising both your investment and your home’s potential.

Exploring your Home Addition Options

If you are looking to expand your property you can seek a designer who specialises in home additions in Newcastle specifically. They will have the knowledge and experience when it comes to council constraints and how to expand your footprint safely and accurately. The designs will be based on a brief which will be developed based on a site assessment and sit-down where you will discuss how a home addition must work with the home and what it must achieve. Home additions can be utilised to allow for complete home remodels with ground floor reconfiguration and external redesigns.

Essentially, you can create a brand-new home when adding to and remodelling your existing home. If you are interested in a large-scale project or something small to start, a building designer can create plans that can be carried out in a number of stages. The most important thing for a new homeowner is to have a clear plan that will see them through to an outstanding end result.

The Rubix Collective will help you achieve stunning results whether you're adding onto an existing Newcastle home or designing a new one. The experts on our team come from a variety of fields, including residential design, interior design, sustainable design, and more. The custom home designs we create are carefully considered, well-researched, and expertly executed. Please contact The Rubix Collective team at to learn more about our expertise.

We would be delighted to help you with your home addition and remodel project and look forward to impressing you with our impressive custom home designs.