15. Bushfire Hazard Assessment Full Report

A report that must be submitted with all applications on bushfire prone land. If the site is far from the hazard it will typically have one BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) and the full report can be done prior to design. The Bushfire Hazard Assessment Report must:

  • be prepared by a consultant qualified in bushfire risk assessment, as recognised by the NSW Rural Fire Service
  • demonstrate that the development conforms to the relevant specifications and requirements of Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2006
  • nominate the BAL rating for the development,
  • identify whether the proposal relies upon an alternate solution, identify whether the application should be referred to the NSW RFS

The BAL rating calculated will define elements of the design accordingly as per the Planning for Bushfire Protection 2006 controls.

*The Rubix Collective are accredited Building Designers and are certified and able to provide the same product as a registered architect.

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