28. Dilapidation Report (NB)

If requested as a condition of consent (i.e. application is approved, but pending the provision of further information), A Dilapidation report is to be prepared which includes a photographic survey of adjoining properties detailing the physical condition of those properties, both internally and externally, including walls, ceilings, roof, structural members and other such items. The report is to be prepared by an appropriately qualified person agreed to by both the applicant and the owner of the adjoining properties. If access for undertaking the dilapidation survey is denied by an adjoining owner/s, the applicant must demonstrate, in writing, to Council’s satisfaction attempts have been made to obtain access and/or advise the affected property owner of the reason for the report and these attempts have been unsuccessful.

*As contemporary residential designers in Newcastle and Northern Beaches,The Rubix Collective, are accredited Building Designers and are certified and able to provide the same product as a registered architect. 

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