54. Heritage Impact Statement

A Statement of Heritage Impact, prepared in accordance with Heritage Council Guidelines, must be submitted for any development application on land on which a heritage item is located or that is within a heritage conservation area.

A Statement may also be required for any development application on that is in the vicinity of a heritage item or conservation area

As accredited building designers in Newcastle and Northern Beaches, we will arrange the outsourcing of this work to a heritage consultant who will include in their statement:

  • an assessment of the heritage significance of the item,
  • a discussion of the impacts of the proposed works on the significance of the item, and
  • details of the mitigation measures
  • an argument that demonstrates that all possible means of mitigating any negative impact on the item have been addressed and that the proposed works will not significantly alter the heritage significance of an item or the character of the locality.

The consultant will be engaged in the pre-design stage to assess the item of heritage and advise on how any significant features should shape the development proposal. Once a design is formalised the consultant will write the statement referencing the proposal to submit to council.

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