39. Construction - Healthy House - Getting Rid of Trapped Humidity in a Healthy House

Fig. MVHR Diagram

In order to regulate the moisture in your home and ensure fresh breathable air, Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR), otherwise referred to as thermal exchangers are used. Fig. shows the healthy house wall with an indicative example of the airflow through a thermal exchanger. These devices continuously and silently “breathe air” in and out of your home. Within the device is a high-tech ceramic plate that extracts the temperature from the air. So, in winter, when it sucks the warm air from within your house, it pushes that same air outside – cold. The heat from the air is trapped within the ceramic plates, and when the device then switches and breathes in fresh, external cold air, the air is impregnated with the heat prior to pushing it into your home.

With this technology you can have fresh outside air continuously in your home whilst maintaining thermal comfort.

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