49. Construction - Eco House - Solar Power

As building designers in Newcastle we find solar power in recent years has become much more viable, now appropriate for the common household where once only a choice for the proactive and early adopter. With the introduction of the battery into the solar setup, solar power collected in the day can be saved for use at night. Only a few years ago, this was not readily available for domestic systems and power had to be used and absorbed simultaneously. The most efficient systems connected to the fridge and the hot water heating system (so the hot water would last until night), but for the most part it was not suitable for the average household which is empty during the day.

Today, if the upfront costs can be afforded, solar makes more financial and environmental sense than mains power. A common myth is that solar can’t pay itself off for many years, but savings far outpace the interest due on an installation loan, allowing profit to pay off the principle quickly. (Financial advice is general in nature only).

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