56. Construction - Eco House - Ongoing Waste Management

The ongoing management of household waste is largely the responsibility of the occupant. However, there should be thought in the design stage with our new home designers in Newcastle as to how this can be made as effortless as possible. During the joinery and landscape design stage, integration of the following measures greatly decreases landfill contribution:

Receptacle: Waste Bin
Waste Type: Soft Plastics
Location: Kitchen
Disposal Method: Redcycle or equivalent

Receptacle: Waste Bin
Waste Type: Council Approved Recyclables
Location: Kitchen
Disposal Method: Council Waste Collection

Receptacle: Worm Farm
Waste Type: Most kitchen scraps, non-glossy cardboard and paper
Location: Discreetly designed into landscaping, close to kitchen
Disposal Method: Worm castings used in garden

Receptacle: Small Container
Waste Type: Citrus, onions, garlic, chilli (other compostable not suitable for worm farm)
Location: Freezer
Disposal Method: Ice block put into council waste bin once a week (No need for plastic bin liner)

Receptacle: Small Waste Bin
Waste Type: All other waste
Location: Bathroom or Kitchen
Disposal Method: Landfill

Once all other waste measures are implemented, it will not be unusual to have no weekly waste dedicated to landfill.

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