65. Counter Selection - Solid Surface (Acrylic)

The major appeal of Solid Surface counters is that lengths are joined with resin, providing a completely joint free finish despite the length of the kitchen. It can also be formed into almost any shape to create unique, organic designs or to integrate a sink into the counter surface. Acrylic counters are susceptible to scratching and marking under high, direct heat, but rectification is a DIY job, making it the easiest counter to bring back to its original condition. Deeper chips may need a professional, but it is still a relatively easy process. As modern residential designers in Newcastle we find the most common brand is Corian.

Scratch / Chip: ★★☆
Heat: ★★☆
Stain: ★★★★☆
Clean: ★★★★
Cost: $$$-$$$$

Quality varies between products. The ratings above are an indicative and general method for comparing materials with one another.

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