69. Counter Selection - Concrete

Concrete is a unique, alternative counter material for modernist, industrial or contemporary settings. Although laminates and engineered stone are available in concrete-look, the appeal to concrete is much the same as solid surface, in that it can be formed into organic and unusual shapes in much thicker profiles. Cost can greatly vary since the concept, not the material, will determine costs, i.e. labour and formwork. Concrete can have custom aggregate mixed in and then polished back to expose them. As new home designers in the Northern Beaches we advise our clients that it should be anticipated the concrete will wear, mark and chip slightly as part of its character.

Scratch / Chip: ★★★
Heat: ★★
Stain: ★★
Clean: ★★★☆
Cost: $$$-$$$$$

Quality varies between products. The ratings above are an indicative and general method for comparing materials with one another.

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