78. Fridge Selection - Fridge Types

As contemporary residential designers in the Northern Beaches, our team of design professionals try make the selection process easier. To help guide our clients we have detailed to various fridge types below:

Bottom Mount

Bottom mount fridges ergonomically place the lesser used freezer on the bottom. Fridge items are closer to eye level and thus easier seen. The freezer is most often a hinged door with drawers within.

Top Mount

The most traditional format, top mount fridges place the freezer above the fridge. Useful if the freezer is used with high regularity.

French Door

French doors allow greater width, access and view. They situate the freezer below, normally in a drawer format.


Side-by-Sides allow for greater freezer area. The compartment is separated down the middle unlike a French-door fridge.


Integrated fridges have panels attached to their faces to disguise the fridge as cabinetry. The kitchen joiner will attach the panel to match any finish specified elsewhere in the kitchen. Good for clean looks. They are most commonly available in bottom mount and top mount formats.

Ice/Water Dispenser

Some larger fridges may have an option for water or ice & water combination dispensers.

It is best to plumb these appliances so that water can be continuously delivered rather than having to frequently refill a container from the tap.

Some larger fridges will feature an internal ice maker, but the table on the next page refers specifically to external, visible options.

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