83. Dishwasher Selection - Types


Built-in dishwashers are suited to new kitchens. Some models will have their own kickboard, others are elevated above the joinery kickboard, but all will be housed tightly on the sides by the cabinetry. This results in a cleaner look (as there are no gaps around the appliance) and quieter operation.

Dish Drawers

Made exclusively by Fisher & Paykell, the dishdrawer comes in integrated and non-integrated options in two different formats. Our new home designers in Newcastle find the benefit of the double is that one load can wash while another is being loaded. The benefit of the single is the compact space it occupies. They are easier to load than traditional dishwashers and save water since they are usually at full capacity when turned on. They are not cheap.


Similar to a built-in dishwasher, it also has a cabinetry face to match the doors of the kitchen. Like integrated fridges in Chapter 1.4, it hides away the appliance and gives a very clean look. The control panel is often hidden on the top edge of the door, but some models have a visible front controls.


Freestanding dishwashers are common and start at very reasonable price points. They are pushed into a cavity like a washing machine or a traditional fridge would be, and always sit directly on the floor.

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