86. Tapware Specification - Types

Twin Rail (Shower)

The twin rail shower features an overhead shower head with an additional hand shower. A diverter will feature in the assembly to switch the water flow between the heads. Unlike as is common in the single rail formats, a twin rail showerhead is often not height adjustable on the rail. The rails purpose is to hold both heads. As experienced new home designers in the Northern Beach this shower setup is the most flexible and practical of all other formats. If the preference is not to have a rail, the same effect can be achieved by having two separate products; a wall-mounted overhead shower and a wall-mounted hand shower, however this may not necessarily result in a cleaner look. Twin rail showers will need a separate mixer or tap assembly.

BMS (Bath Mixer Systems)

Bath Mixer Systems are used for showers over baths. Rather than having a separate showerhead, two sets of taps/mixers (or diverter) and a bath spout, all these items can be integrated on the one plate/product. The shower head is usually a hand shower.

Floor Mounted Outlet

A rarer option, the floor mounted outlet is completely independent of the wall and is suitable for freestanding bathtubs. There are a few limited overhead shower floor-mounted options available also. While these looks striking and allow alternate design options, they come at a higher cost because the water inlet must be accommodated when pouring the floor slab.

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