88. Tapware Specification - Optional Accessories

Swivel Spout

While mixers used in the kitchen all swivel, the “swivel spout” refers to a wall spout that can be moved perpendicular to the wall. This is very practical for laundry applications when unobstructed access to the tub is needed. It also has it’s benefits for bath spouts when there is a risk of children falling and striking a fixed, protruding spout, or if two people want to simultaneously use the tub and need to move the spout out of the way.


Pull-Out is an optional feature in all kitchen taps. The end of the spout can be pulled away from the rest of the spout and is attached by a flexible hose. Once released, the end retracts back to its original position. This is particularly useful for washing food and rinsing down the sink. The flexible hose will deteriorate and our experienced new home designers in Newcastle advise this should be replaced every 5 years. NB: Farmhouse taps are a non-retractable version of this tap.

Filter Tap

A filter tap is usually a separate additional product to the primary kitchen tap & spout. It is often fitted in the corner of the sink and delivers drinking water through a filtration unit under the counter. It should be noted there are limited integrated filter options in the primary tap.

ODCB (On demand Chilled & Boiling Tap)

The ODCB tap is an upgrade to the filter tap and supersedes its use. Like the filter tap it is a separate unit to the primary tap, usually positioned toward the corner of the sink. It has a small water heater unit under the counter that can deliver boiling water at the touch of a button. It also provides chilled, filtered water with a press of a different button. Some models even have sparkling water options.


Multi-spray refers to different water delivery settings available with a flick of a switch on some showerheads. Examples include wide-spray, pulse, direct and massage.


A diverter is a switch that turns the water flow from one outlet/faucet to another. It is normally used when a shower head is positioned in the bath. The diverter can be a separate stand-alone, wall-mounted device, or it can be integrated with the spout or BMS. A diverter is always a standard integration on a twin rail shower.

Thermostatic Mixer

An expensive, futuristic option that replaces a separate mixer assembly. They normally consist of two dials, one that controls temperature and one that controls pressure. They are most suited to be integrated into a smart home setup as they operate digitally. Our contemporary residential designers in Newcastle expect that it will become more and more of a standard in the future.

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