1st July 2020

Changes for Architects and Home Building Designers in Newcastle

Recently a new legislation has been announced (Design & Building Practitioners Bill 2019) which will regulate the industry of home building and design. The new bill works in favour of professional high-quality home designs which meet the requirements of home development in 2020 and beyond. The bill ensures that only accredited Building Designers through the BDAA and Registered Architects can lodge building plans in NSW.

New home Designers in Newcastle support the bill as it holds the industry to a higher standard of design and integrity. As a highly qualified team of accredited and award-winning Building Designers, we believe in defining an industry standard for NSW home redevelopments and new builds.

If you are looking for inspired design ideas with the expertise of home additions in Newcastle, or Building Designers in Newcastle, we would like to guide you through our tailored stages of development which include briefing, pre-sketch, sketch phase, approval and beyond.  

Our team of experts which include Home Designers, Draftsmen, Interior Architects and Sustainability Experts look forward to meeting with you and discussing your vision for your new home. We offer full circle design solutions provided by experienced Building Designers, in-line with the Design & Practitioners Bill 2019.