9th October 2020

Go big with home remodelling and home additions in Newcastle

Accredited and award winning, The Rubix Collective team is an inspired group of design professionals who create and innovate. The goal for our team is to deliver a first-class home design experience with results that impress and push the boundaries in home layout. 

If you are considering adding to your home and unsure of how to integrate the old with the new, we can assist you in redesigning your home for a seamless flow and impressive redesign. We can deliver a home to you that looks brand new, without having to knock down and rebuild.

For home additions in Newcastle, a Building Designer can take your home to the next level with floorplan solutions that suit your family now and in the future, smart storage solutions, seamless flow and integration between indoor and out, and a design style that you truly love. A Building Designer in Newcastle can help you achieve your dream home. 

If you require the services of an experienced new home Designer in Newcastle, please contact The Rubix Collective Newcastle team today. We highly recommend exploring our portfolio to gauge the level of design we provide our clients.