Build a tiny house

Our contemporary home designers in Sydney, have designed several tiny house designs. We have turn-key designs currently in development, but also can custom design your perfect tiny home on wheels (THOW) or permanent tiny home structure. Although a relatively new concept in Australia, this lifestyle choice is becoming a globally popular alternative for those looking to live mortgage free, more sustainably, or nomadically.

The next evolutionary step
in tiny homes

Our extensive architectural experience has allowed The Rubix Collective to identify the next evolutionary step in tiny homes; what we have dubbed Gen-3 tiny homes. This sets us apart from all others in the worldwide tiny home market.

Gen-1: Users moved along the horizontal plane around a simple floor plan lacking clever design solutions. E.g granny flats & pool houses

Gen-2: Users move along the horizontal and a vertical plane as lofts, vertical storage and stacking concepts are utilised. This allows a smaller footprint than Gen-1, but can be unergonomic at times. E.g. Tiny Homes on Wheels

Gen-3 (The Rubix home): A highly convertible, adaptable and multi-functional design which moves the spaces around the user rather than the user moving around the spaces.

Our effective Gen-3 homes are designed so a user will never require two complimentary spaces that are not simultaneously accessible.  The Rubix home is more ergonomic, especially when paired with home automation and can fit much more in a smaller footprint than a Gen-2 tiny home.

If you are interested in creating a custom Gen-3 tiny home or utilising these principals in a typical dwelling, reach out to us here.

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