8th November 2021

Design and Develop a New Home in the Northern Beaches With Confidence and Creativity

Designing your new home is best carried out in partnership with the support and guidance of a team of design experts – including new home designers in the Northern Beaches. The processes instilled by a professional residential designer are there to secure the success of your new home, through tried and proven design phases. These phases each play an important role in achieving architectural design success.

What does design success mean to you?

Before you commence the design process, it’s important to discuss with your family and your residential design firm what design success really means to you. Starting from how many bedrooms and bathrooms you hope to include, to how the home will function for the family. Will it serve as a workplace as well as a home? Do you love to entertain? Is the outdoor area just as important as the kitchen entertaining space? There are plenty of questions to work through in order to define your design brief. 

If you have an existing home that you are remodelling and extending you can discuss what you don’t like about your current home and how the home remodel can rectify this. This may include lighting within your home, or how the home opens up and connects with the outdoor area. A residential home designer will take these thoughts and ideas and develop them into professional floorplans.

This is where design success occurs – within the process of developing and defining the client brief based on research, inspiration, and personal needs and wants.

Confidence meets creativity 

Confidence in your decision making and in the future of your home is one of the key components that a contemporary residential designer can bring to a project. While you may feel overwhelmed by the process and all of the design opportunities, residential design experts are trained to leave no opportunity un-explored. 

When working with a professional in the design sector, peace of mind is paramount for any client. A qualified residential designer with experience in your area should ensure that your home will reach its potential in functionality, design success and value – alleviating the stress of the process and leaving you feeling confident with your decisions.

Once you have successfully qualified your designer and determined your thorough design brief, a residential designer will work on the creative component of the home design which may include documentation, approvals and the finer details. During the final stages of this process, you can expect to receive home designs based on your design brief that will pave the way for what is to come.

Just like an architect in the northern beaches, The Rubix Collective is a highly qualified and award-winning home designer with the ability to take you through the stages of new home design with both confidence and creativity. Our design experts will collaborate to bring your home’s true potential to life. We are ready to help you design your new home so you can enjoy it for many years to come. Please contact us here to get started today: