15th November 2021

Brand New Homes Vs Extensions with New Home Designers in the Northern Beaches

Designing a new home from the ground up provides you with a clean slate complemented by endless design opportunities. Provided your budget allows, designing and building a brand-new home can occasionally be more efficient and encompass a similar timeline to renovating and extending.

While some may be hesitant to embark on a new build due to the fact that they cannot continue to live within their home while the work is carried out, many renovations and extensions are also difficult to live through. With floor additions requiring the family to vacate the home for some time, it is not always possible to remain within the home while works are carried out.

Bespoke Design 

While contemporary residential designers have the ability to transform a home with a remodel and home addition, it does not compare to the customisation available to a client with a new home design. Building a new home allows the client to explore their unique design style without the constraints of existing characteristics and foundations.

The design of the home, the direction that it faces, its positioning on your block, everything can be changed to suit your family’s needs. Your home’s functionality, aesthetic appeal and value can be maximised with innovative and creative design ideas without limitations.

Identify Your True Style

Starting with a blank canvas, just like an architect in the northern beaches, a new home designer will work with you to establish what your true style embodies and how these components can seamlessly work together to form a unified style guide. Drawing on inspiration from homes you appreciate for diverse reasons, you can create your design brief to ensure it encompasses everything you want for your new home. A residential designer can bring these ideas to life and advise on possibilities concerning council restraints. They will guide you from briefing stage and ongoing. 

Smooth Processes

When a home is set to be demolished and a new home is set to take its place, a timeline will be outlined which all parties will work towards. With a home renovation and extension, there can be significant costs and delays when working with a home’s “bones” and original features. Materials may be found, termites, water damage, you name it, not all existing homes can be worked with to create something new without a hurdle here or there. It comes with the territory. The good news is, with new builds, once the demolition has occurred, components of the build should run smoothly. You can then focus of the fun part such as the finishes, colours, and finer design details.

The Rubix Collective is a highly qualified and award-winning home designer with the ability to take you through the stages of new home design with both professional processes and expertise. Our design experts will collaborate to bring your home’s true potential to life. We are ready to help you design your new home so you can enjoy it for many years to come. Please contact us here to get started today: