9th May 2022

Home Remodels with Modern Residential Designers in the Northern Beaches

If you are lucky to own a mid-century modern home, you may be wondering how you can you redesign your home to suit your current lifestyle while maintaining its character. With a home of this era, a contemporary home design can be achieved without erasing the history and genuine character of the home as it is. To achieve this, it is important to engage with a local designer who has experience in working with this niche design. For example, a modern residential designer in the northern beaches will have worked on homes of a similar design and will be able to showcase some of their previous work to provide you with insight into their capabilities.

A modern residential designer will have the skills and experience to adequately redesign a home while staying true to the design of the original home. An extension can also be added to the home with either a subtle or obvious addition. To explain this further, some homeowners may want to keep an addition seamless with more focus paid to the internal design while other may wish to add a contemporary addition. 

For internal remodels mid-century modern homes can be redesigned and reconfigured to suit a contemporary lifestyle while maintaining a modern exterior. There are several ways to redesign a home, and once you find the right home designer for your project, they will be able to guide you through the decision-making process with confidence.

Starting with a thorough assessment of your home, a designer will evaluate how to best reconfigure your home to reach its maximum potential. Keeping in mind to work with and enhance upon the home’s unique characteristics, a residential designer will create plans that will be carefully configured with custom home design solutions.

The redesign of a mid-century modern home is a process that should not be taken lightly. When engaging a modern or new home designer in the northern beaches you will be guided through several tried and tested processes which have been proven to lead to design success. These steps include briefing, sketching, 3D modelling and official applications and approval stages. Furthermore, your designer will be there to support you and your construction team as you work through the project itself.

In order to meet the needs and wants of our clients, The Rubix Collective respects research and pre-design processes. Designs are then naturally and organically crafted to meet those needs. Through 3D modelling, our clients can visualise their finished homes with great excitement. Our clients can move forward with utmost confidence and enthusiasm for the project's outcome, having reached this exciting stage. We provide professional and thoughtful designs similar to those provided by an Architect on the Northern Beaches.

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