84. Shadow Diagrams (NB)

Shadow diagrams must be submitted for new developments that will result in additional shadow impacts to demonstrate compliance with the requirements in the relevant DCP. Shadow diagrams must take into account the slope of the land. Existing and proposed shadows are to be shown as cast on 21 June at 9am, 12noon and 3pm. The diagrams should include:

  • location of proposed development
  • position and relationship to adjoining buildings and land (showing street number and street address)
  • details of existing and proposed shadows
  • diagrams must be based on a survey plan prepared by a registered surveyor and drawn to true north
  • the shadow diagrams are to be certified by a suitably qualified person such as an Architect
  • additional shadow diagrams including hourly shadow diagrams or elevational shadow diagrams may be required
  • location of all the boundaries on adjoining land that is affected by any proposed overshadowing The shadow diagrams must be accompanied by a document prepared by a suitably qualified professional stating that the shadow diagrams have been certified as accurate. Council may require this document to be prepared by an independent professional for larger developments.
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