87. Site Plan CDC/DA

A variation of the standard roof plan, usually at 1:200 showing, the critical adjoining parts of surrounding properties and how the overall design relates to the controls applicable to the site. The plan includes but is not limited to:

  • the location of existing buildings on the site and adjoining land
  • alterations and additions shown coloured and with built upon area and landscape ratio calculations
  • significant tree spreads and heights
  • dimensioned setback distances from boundaries
  • location of infrastructure services, garbage areas and designated letterbox areas
  • retaining walls and fences
  • areas proposed for cut and for fill and areas for deep soil landscaping
  • details of proposed and existing car parking and vehicular manoeuvring areas
  • location and dimensions of all existing and/or proposed impervious areas/hard surfaces
  • vegetation and natural features
  • width of road reserve.
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