76. WELS & The Energy Rating Label - Energy Rating Label

The following information is extracted from the Australian Government website, who are the regulating body for the Energy rating Label.

Star Rating

EnergyStarRating1 EnergyStarRating2

The star rating is about energy efficiency – that is how efficient a model is relative to other models of the same size.

Comparing the star rating on products of the same size or capacity means you can be confident you’re comparing apples-with-apples – and making an informed choice. However, if you accidently use the star rating to compare products that are not the same size, you could end up making a decision to buy a product that will cost you more to run and be responsible for more emissions. 

Always choose which size (or capacity) model you need first, then use the star rating to compare them.

Most products are given between 1 and 6 stars. However, technology and energy efficiency keep getting better. Therefore, you may see some super-efficient models in shops and online with an extra row for stars, as they can have up to 10.

Energy Consumption


Energy consumption is about how much electricity a model uses. It is based on standardised testing – required by law and conducted in line with the official Australian and New Zealand Standard.

You can use the energy consumption number to compare any model – no matter their sizes (capacities). The lower the number, the less a model costs to run – and the less you pay on your electricity bill.

Tip: choosing an appliance with  lower energy consumption will save on your electricity bill.

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