87. Tapware Specification - Taps

Separate Mixer Assembly

A mixer is a singled lever tap that controls water pressure as well as temperature. It is given this name because hot water and cold water are mixed within the tap as per the tap setting. As modern residential designers in Newcastle we find mixers provide a more modern look than a standard tap assembly and also have a cleaner look because there is only on fitting rather than two. They are easy to turn on with the back of dirty hands or for the elderly and children.

Separate Tap Assembly (Wall/Top)

A tap assembly features a hot tap and a cold tap, turned on in a counter-clockwise direction and off in a clockwise direction. They have a more traditional look than a mixer assembly.


An integrated setup means that the tap is part of the same assembly as the faucet/outlet. Integrated taps can either feature a mixer assembly or tap assembly but are most often mixers as this gives a cleaner look and is more space efficient.

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